A Parents Prom Limo Guide

Arrive in a Stylish Allpoints Limo

Limo for Proms

November 16, 2010 – Neal Arnold
It’s Prom season and students are exploring the options for that exciting evening dance. A big part of the evening is the Prom Limo or Limo Bus to the big event. Allpoints Limousines has been providing prom limos since 1997. We would like to offer some insights into the best and easiest practices for a fun and safe prom evening.

What Kind Of Limo

The type of limousine is defined by personal choice as well as cost factors and the number of passengers going to the prom as a group. For groups of 6 to ten stretch limousines are a stylish choice.

Stretch limousines come in six, eight, and 10 passenger sizes. (the ten passenger limos really only hold nine comfortably.

Stretch SUV such as a our Stretch Excursion will hold up to 14 comfortably.

Limo Buses provide many of the features of the traditional stretch limo but with more room. Ours holds up to 14.

Putting a Group Together

Determining what kind of limo depends on the size of the group. Since we are working with students it is important to get the size of the group set. There is often a tendency to switch groups so we have some advice.

Have a meeting with the group as well as the parents.

Set a deadline for everyone to have their deposit in to the organizer. Make sure that it is understood that the deposit is non-refundable. This keeps everyone committed.

Detail one person to interact with the limo company.

Planning The Evening

Plan the routing. Are the students going to a restaurant on the way to the prom. When and where will the evening end?

The normal prom package includes a minimum of six hours of service. We cannot do drop offs and pick ups.

We can pick up at multiple locations but this reduces the amount of time in the limos.

If the pick up location is outside of the Fort Worth or Dallas area there may be additional charges

Parental Authorization

Since we are dealing with minors the actual limo rental must be done by a parent or guardian for one of the students.

A “Parental Consent” form must be signed by the parent who guarantees the booking with their credit card. This includes contact information during the rental time in case there is a problem.

No adult beverages or other substances are allowed around or in the limo.

In case of breach of these conditions the limousine service may be ended without refund of the fare.

The chauffeur will be in the passenger compartment during the evening to clean up and will check for potential problems.

The reason for these measures is to assure a safe and fun experience for the passengers. At Allpoints we seriously take our responsibility to provide the kind of service parents can trust.

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