In 2010 the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport began a major renovation of it’s terminals and parking garages.  Construction effects how Allpoints Corporate Express serves it client at DFW Airport.  This program is named the Terminal Renewal And Improvement Program.  TRIP for short.  This will entail not only renovations to the interior lounge areas, ticketing, and baggage claim areas but entirely new and improved multi level parking garages.  These are much better lighted and featuremonoman lights above the individual parking spots which indicate if there is a available spot further down the row.  Even the exteriors of the terminals are in for a face lift.  The old tan concrete surfaces are being covered with a cleaner light colored covering.

To minimize disruptions only one section of the terminal is being done at a time.  Our website shows these construction areas and closures for your convenience.  We will update these as the construction progresses.  Simply go to the “HOW TO FIND cartoon driver signYOUR DRIVER” icon,  click on the terminal listed and a map will appear which shows the construction in darker blue.

Of course, this means reduced Pre-Arranged  Limousine loading and unloading space where the construction is being done.  In the case of the A  TERMINAL the first section currently only has three lanes of traffic one of which is used for curbside parking.  There are only two spaces on the limousine Pre-Arranged Limo stand parking so we will have our driver contact you by phone once your plane is at the gate so we can pick you up.  Allpoints will still have the sign and a smile but most likely won’t be sitting and waiting for you.


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