Wedding Couple Visit What-A-Burger After Wedding

Bride Gets Burger and "high five"

Bride Gets Burger and “high five”

Special requests on wedding bookings are not unusal for Allpoints Limousines since we really strive to provide personalized service. However, this couple came up with a new one.

The bride had once worked at the What-A-Burger # 460 at 401 E. Northwest Hwy in Grapevine. She wanted to go through the drive in on the way to the hotel. She is seen in the attached photo “high fiving” the guy in the window. Following their late night visit they were chauffeured on to the Embassy Suites.



Allpoints Corporate Express has become a member of the Unified Livery Systems “Limo Affiliate” program. This web based system allows our clients the ability to search for other high quality service providers in other cities throughout the world.

Access is available from the “Contact” page of our website. Simply look for the “Affiliate” icon and click. From there you simply select our “Country” then “State” then “City or Airport” then type of service. You will see our highly qualified partners in that location and can link directly to their website.

Robin Mirbahaeddin, account executive at Unified Livery Systems, reports that interest in the system was great at the latest Limousine Convention. Operators are looking for a way to bring their clients good service in other cities when they arrive at their destination.

Of course, if you wish you can still book both legs of the transportation directly with Allpoints and we will take care of the booking details.

New Year’s Eve with Allpoints Limos


The time has come to send 2013 to the history books and welcome 2014. Allpoints Corporate Express is there to make the transition fun and safe. Allpoints Limousines offers eight and ten passenger Stretch Limousines as well as our Limo Bus for that evening of parties and celebration.

On New Years Eve the minimum booking for a hired vehicle is six hours. At Allpoints Limos we do not increase the hourly rate. However, many companies do, so price around before you settle on a vehicle. If you are thinking about using one of the “on demand” services like Uber, be aware that they will often double, or triple the price during periods of high demand. Because the demand will be high it may not be possible to get service very quickly. This is why it is a good idea to have your driver reserved and standing by.

Our eight and ten passenger stretche limousines are great for small parties while our 14 passenger Limo Bus is just the thing for larger groups. Your have the fun and we will worry about the safety!

Call 214 212 0981 for information and prices

Allpoints Provides a Safe Ride Home from Holiday Parties

437636-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Red-Nosed-Cartoon-Businessman-Wearing-Antlers-And-Holding-A-Drink-While-Draped-In-Christmas-LightsAllpoints Corporate Express announces it’s Safe Ride Home bookings for those Holiday Parties! We have all heard the jokes about the office party and lamp shades on the head. But how does a host protect guests when they have “enjoyed” the party too much to drive? One idea is to rent a sedan, with driver, or stretch to take guests home. This can be done for a few hundred dollars and provides big benifits in avoiding legal entanglements.

For a reasonable fee our driver waits outside of the party location and when the need arises are ready to take the passenger to their home.

Call 214 212 0981 for details.

Christmas Light Limo Tours


The Holiday Season is upon us. With all there is to do when do you get to spend some “together” time with family and relatives. Try a Limousine Christmas Light Tour. Make everyone comfortable in one of our stretch limos or a limo bus and let our professional chauffeur take you to the best of the metroplex Christmas Light displays and wow you with the views.

We can take you to Deerfield or to Interlochen Estates as well as Highland Park. Often to two or more areas in the same evening.

For more information call us at 214 212 0981

Allpoints Begins Service for Galvestion Cruises

photo (18)Allpoints Limousines has begun group service to and from the Port of Galveston cruise ship terminal from the Dallas and Fort Worth Area. Using our 10 passenger Executive Vans we will pick up your group in the Dallas or Fort Worth Area and drive them directly to the Galveston Cruise Terminal. When the ship returns we are waiting to take your group directly back home.  Full details are available at

The Executive Van holds up to ten passengers in comfort with individual leather captain’s chairs with arm rests. There is ample room for baggage in the rear of the bus. There are also two ice bins for bottled water and refreshments so bring your goodies. Pop a DVD in the TV or play your favorite, on your device, on our Boise sound system.

We charge $900.00 each way for a total of $1800.00 round trip. A little extra if it requires two overnight stays for the driver. In most cases the driver will go down the night before you return so as to be fresh for the drive back. When the price of 10 airline tickets to Houston and the price of ground tranfers from Houston to Galveston are added up or prices are quite reasonable. Our typical transfer takes about six hours.  Consider the time involved in driving to Love Field, parking, flying, finding a shuttle then driving to Galveston. There is a parking charge at the airport and your car is exposed to the dangers of being away from your garage.

Great for:

Executive Van for Galveston Cruise Groups

Executive Van for Galveston Cruise Groups


For More Information and pictures of other vehicles go to our special website

Consider Allpoints the next time you go Cruising!

Allpoints Looks Beyond the Town Car

Good bye to the Town Car

Good bye to the Town Car

Posted on January 21, 2012 by Neal Arnold

Well we all knew it was coming. The end of the Lincoln Town Car. Yes, the long time staple of the limousine industry is going the way of the dinosaur. The last Town Car rolled off of the assembly line August 31st 2011. Allpoints Limo will have to find another car to use for airport sedan service.

To understand how this one must consider tha the Lincoln Town Car was the most successful airport transfer sedan for most of the last two decades. The reason is simple. It combined a large rear seating area with a huge trunk. The trunk was not just large but with the perfect fit size for suitcases behind the rear wheel wells you could put up to eight full size suitcases in the trunk plus several carry ons.

Customers enjoyed ample leg room and a six-inch factory extended rear seating area was available.

In addition to this the Lincoln Town Car was really just a Ford Crown Victoria with an upscale body. Any mechanical part would interchange with a $ 20,000.00 car so that parts were easy to buy at low prices. This meant that repair costs were very low. The 4.6 power plant was renown for heavy service without a complaint. At 20 plus miles per gallon, combined city and highway, many of these cars would go 350,000 miles without a new engine or transmission.

Now that the Town Car is on the way out there are many pretender’s to the throne. At the 2012 LTC limo show in Las Vegas we saw the new line up from Lincoln and many new faces trying to become the new industry standard.


Lincoln is pushing it MKT crossover as the go to vehicle for the future. It seats three easily and could fit four with three in the back seat. For the livery model they moved the rear seat back four inches and threw away the back fold down seats in favor of a larger baggage area. They even added the name “Town Car” along the door to underscore their history with the industry.

Royal Cabot Coach Builder’s had a MKZ, the hybrid Lincoln sedan, available in a six-inch stretch. While the trunk is still smallish the rear seating area had almost as much room as an old Town Car. The 38 miles to the gallon sounds like a great deal for owners but the $ 51,000.00 price tag is a little steep for the livery business.


Chrysler came with the 300 which has been around for several years but made no headway in the sedan industry due to a cramped rear seating area and a poor trunk. The rear wheel wells extend into the trunk making it narrow and the deck lid hinges extend down also using up room. A six-inch stretch version which came out this year will solve one of these two problems. The look has also improved with a more stylish smaller grill in front. At $ 30,500.00 it is the price champion. $ 41,500.00 for the stretched version.


Mercedes displayed their 550 and 350 models. Both were fine cars but the price was a bit high for the livery business. The rear seating area was alright and the trunk was serviceable. However, if your clients have a large set of golf clubs they won’t be riding in this vehicle to a golfing vacation.


Would you believe it these people were right across the carpet from mighty Mercedes and stood the comparison very well. The Equus sedan had all of the features and a $51,000.00 price tag and the Genesis sedan had all of the same room at a reasonable $38,000.00 tag.


Does Toyota say limo? Well they think so and the Avalon was there with the big boys looking for an upset. This company has even followed Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler’s lead with a 150,000 mile warranty. There is even a Hybrid model which boasts about 40 mpg. The price is right but does Toyota say luxury? We will have to watch this one.


Cadillac was there with their new XTS sedan. With a fairly large trunk the bags will do better than the customer’s in the smallish rear seating area. A stretched version came out this year. This vehicle had been purchased by both Carey and AJL International in Dallas and seems to be holding its own.

Allpoints is considering all of the above and will test new vehicles by renting them and testing them with our clients.