Cool Way to Handle Young Kids Flying

HATCHER CARDNeal Arnold  March 13, 2015

Bill H., a weekly Road Warrior, of Allpoints Corporate Express, Airport Sedans, regular passengers related the following story upon returning to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Delta Airlines from Salt Lake City.

Bill told me that he had boarded his return flight and had his noise canceling headphones on listening to music.  A young couple entered the plane with two infant children and started to put their belongings in the seat next to him and the other behind him.  His first thought was “what did I do to deserve this?”  The father of the two infants handed him the card pictured.  It said:

“My name is Ivy, and along with my twin sister Brooke, this is our first flight.  We may get angry at some point on this journey and we are sorry for that.  Please be patient with us.  I promise that my parents are doing all they can to keep us happy.  Please have a coffee or hot chocolate on us!  P.S. The gift card is from our Christmas flight that we had to cancel due to the flu.”

A gift card for Starbucks was included.  Of course, Bill felt bad about his first reaction and told the parents that he would not hear them due to his noise canceling headphones.  They told him to keep the card anyway.

What a cool way to handle a situation!

Neal Arnold

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P.S. We always like to hear our client’s “Stories from the Road.”