Seven Ladies - a Limo - Spa Castle

A relaxing afternoon at the Spa Castle in Carrollton Tx

Allpoints Corporate Express provided our Black on Black formal Stretch Limousine for two transfers to and from the Spa Castle in Carrollton, Tx.  The ladies were picked up at one of their homes in Haslet, Tx.  which is North of Fort Worth.  As they enjoyed music and Pink Champagne our Chauffeur, Neal Arnold, whisked them away to Carrollton to the Spa Castle.  Our Driver arrived for the affair in a uniform complete with a chauffeur’s hat.  We are formal but never stuffy.

A quote was obtained through our Online Booking System on our website at  These clients were going to go to the Spa Castle at 1 PM but were not going to leave until 8 PM to return home.  They had made dinner reservations after their return home.  Allpoints agreed to do the trip as two transfers instead of the traditional hourly rate for the entire eight hours.  We were able to do this because of slower business during July and August.  This is a savings of $276.00.  These two trips are like the wedding transfers we feature on

The Spa Castle in Carrollton offers the relaxation of Korean Spa Facilities as well as several restaurants and bars.

Each visitor is provided with an electronic watch, which will be used throughout their visit. These “keys” function to open personal shoe and clothing lockers, while also conveniently tracking accrued services and creating a running tab for any purchases made throughout your stay. Spa Castle clients are liberated from any unnecessary baggage, allowing them complete relaxation.

Each guest will be directed, by gender, to a grand locker and bath area, where they will find separate shoe and clothing lockers, vanity, lounge, and sleeping areas, as well as an ornate traditional “bath-house” – one of Spa Castle’s most unique and popular feature. Visitors are advised to shower prior to entering any of the tubs, and then are given a fresh Spa uniform to change into, promoting comfort as well as cleanliness. Common in Asian cultures, the Company respectfully ask that all guests remove their shoes while inside the facility. Spa Castle is a home away from home to all visitors and strives to provide only but the most immaculate space to enjoy.


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