One Thirty AM at DFW Airport Passenger Pick Up

Its 1:30 AM.  Your flight is late.  You are tired from a long day of traveling.  They finally let you off of your plane.  You still must make that last leg of the journey before you get a couple hours sleep and try to be coherent during that critical meeting.  Would you rather:

9A715A44-76D8-4137-B258-4D06A32F8198Get your bag. Go out side to look for a cab or Uber/Lyft.  Hope there is one available.  Hope it’s not a sub compact that last saw shocks this decade with a driver who has been in it for 13 hours.  Unless you want a sub compact you better order a Uber Select.

The Other Option 1364F1DE-87BC-4CFF-944D-C1A2371BAC7B

Order a Luxury Sedan from Allpoints when you book your travel.  We track your flight and whenever you arrive we are waiting with a “Sign and a Smile.”  Since we knew you are coming our driver is rested and safe to get you to your hotel without drama.

What Does All This Cost?

The Uber/Lyft Select is about the same bast rate as our Luxury Sedan

Contact Us

214 212 0981 – 800 392 9602

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