Planning your wedding is a whirl wind of decisions and choices.  Your limousine should be a service that adds value and elegance not stress.  After doing literally hundreds of these events here are Five Things you should do so that your transportation comes off without a hitch.  Understand that you will be making a reservation for your special limo and it is at this stage that attention to detail is important.


Be sure to look at these items.  Date, time, cost, and routing.  Be sure that the routing follows what you want the limo to do.  You don’t want any surprises on your wedding night.  At Allpoints Corporate Express we welcome our clients checking details since most problems stem from a lack of communications.

When you book your limousine or other vehicles we always ask which entrance you want the vehicle to wait for you or your guests.  Often large churches will have several entrances so we will ask you to be specific about where you will come out.  If your limousine is taking you to several locations we would like to know in advance.  That way our chauffeur can do the driving and not trouble you with directions.  With limos and buses this is really important since your chauffeur needs to plan how to place you in a safe place to embark or exit the vehicle.


Be sure everyone who is going to ride is accounted for the the “number of passengers” line on your confirmation.  It is never good to have a limo which is too small for your group.


We find it is a good idea to provide us with the name and cell number of someone you have designated to interact with the chauffeurs other than the bride, groom or their parents.  You and your family will be busy enough during the wedding.  By assigning someone to see that the limousine or other vehicles are on location it assures that things come off smoothly.  This person can see that your baggage gets into the limo, any food or wine being taken from the reception is stored in the limo or other details.  You want to exit directly to the vehicle and these details should be done in advance.  Often if you have a wedding planner they will do this.  If not enlist one of the wedding party.

Allpoints will provide complementary champagne on our bookings, except transfers, but if you look you will also find chilled bottled water in the limo.  Sometimes it a real lifesaver especially if it is a outdoor wedding.


Karen M. O’Brien, CTC

214 212 0981 – 800 392 9602


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